I Let the BillFixers Haggle Down My Bills. I Expected Results. But Holy S***.

January 23, 2017

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I knew I was being ripped off by Verizon and Comcast. You probably know it too.


I am the type of person that haggles my own bills, and I’ve had some success in the past, but my life is busy and the thought of waiting on hold with Verizon made my blood pressure rise. And forget about entering a Verizon store, that is definitely a life-shortening experience.


I had heard about the BillFixers, but I finally decided to go to their website and check out the process.


The Process

It was surprisingly painless. Just your name, email, phone number, and upload a copy of your bill and enter any “pin” (if applicable). Then press Submit. And wait. Be sure to read about their terms and conditions, but they seemed pretty straightforward and fair to me.


Some important points:

  • The BillFixers won't change your plan or length of your contract without your permission

  • They’ll send you an email to let you know what changes they made and what they saved you

  • After they save you money, you pay them for 50% of the savings for one year

  • So if they save you $50 off your cable bill, you’ll owe them ($50*12 months)/2 = $300, which you can pay monthly or all at once. You’ll, of course, also save $300 that you otherwise wouldn’t.

  • If you cancel service or move, they’ll stop billing you for the “saved” portion.


The Results

I expected small wins for my bills. I thought I had done a pretty good job keeping an eye on them and picking reasonable plans.


But all I have to say about the BillFixers is HOLY FREAKIN S***.


3 days later, I started getting incredible texts like this:


My dad forwarded me an email and said “The robot did this? Nice” (The BillFixers actually doesn’t use robots – they’re real people, calling your service providers, but I think most boomers think things on the internet are robots). 


Here’s a summary of the total savings the BillFixers negotiated for me and my family:



Monthly savings of $12.80

One time credit of $226.02



One time credits of $120 and $45.08


Total savings



The Cost

I happily cut them a $272.35 (half of $544.70) check as their fee.


The Service

I also wanted to add one more thing about their service. The service and courtesy they provided was absolutely top notch. They corresponded with me by email quickly and clearly. When I was wrong about one of the pins, they were patient and waited for me to confirm it.


Ready to save a few (possibly hundred?) bucks?


Try the BillFixers here:






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