How I Saved Over $100 In Uber Rides

March 2, 2018

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A Review of A Fierce Money-Saving Combo: Uber ExpressPool + the iBotta App


Do you ride Uber a lot? Have you ever run a report of how much you spend on Uber? Probably not and you probably don’t want to think about it. But I’m here to tell you, those $3 rides add up! If you take two $3 rides per day, that’s $2190 per year. Maybe Uber is even more expensive in your area. Phew, that’s a lot of cash. My credit card statement looks like this: 


 ^^^ Endless stream of my hard-earned money into Uber's wallet


This article is about two super easy and painless ways to save on your Uber rides.


Step 1: Always Use iBotta in Conjunction with Uber




iBotta gives riders $1.00 Cashback on every Uber ride.




If you take Uber twice a day for a year, that is $730 back per year! $730!!!!!! For 10 seconds of opening another app first. 7300 seconds total per year. That’s $0.10 per second. $360 per hour. That they pay you. For opening an app. Are you convinced? Run! Sprint into that app store and download iBotta! 


Here’s how to do it:


If you don’t have the iBotta app, download it and sign up. That takes about 2 minutes.


Before you hail your Uber, you must open iBotta. Every time. But there’s no sign in required, you just open the app. Once in iBotta, click the Uber deal under your Offers. Click “Shop.” They really should switch this to “Ride.” Your phone will take you over into the Uber app and you can order a ride as you normally would.



$1.00 will pop up in your iBotta cashback within 24 hours. Once you reach $20, you can withdraw real hard cold cash. Transfer it to your Paypal or Venmo or redeem it for a giftcard. 


Some issues and details to highlight:


Sometimes the iBotta app is buggy. There are times where I haven’t been able to load the Uber offer. That said, the cashback is reliable. If you do follow the steps (if the app doesn’t crash), you will get the cashback. And the money will truly transfer into your Venmo or Paypal.


There are anecdotal stories about iBotta removing the Uber offer from peoples’ accounts who use Uber too often. There was an instance where they reduced the offer to $0.50/ride for me, but then it jumped back up to $1.00 the next day.


On iBotta, you aren't the customer. You're the PRODUCT. You are providing valuable data that they can sell back to their vendors (like Uber or its competitors) That’s why they’re willing to pay you $1.00/ride. 


Cancelled rides will not be credited. There’s some other fine print too (scheduled rides not eligible, doesn’t work on UberEats).


iBotta also has bonuses sometimes for redeeming multiple offers. You can hit these bonuses with your Uber rides and get even more cash back!


If you try to use the Uber offer twice in too short of a time, you may not be able to. iBotta will often remove and replace the offers available and you’ll get a notification when the “Uber rebate is back in your gallery.” I think this is probably to prevent abuse. 



Step 2:  Use Uber Express Pool


Uber has a new feature in some cities called Express Pool.


The idea is that it’s a shared ride just like Uber Pool, but it’s more efficient because it tells people where to pick up the ride instead of making the ride come to their exact location.


You request your pickup spot like you normally do and Uber takes about an extra minute to decide where a car will pick you up. They give you a precise location to walk to and the time to let you do that. In exchange for the trouble of say, walking a block, Uber gives you about 25% (from what I have seen) off the UberPool price.


I have used Uber Express Pool twice and here’s what happened both times.


Ride 1: One time, I requested my home address. Uber Express Pool decided that was a good enough location and just had the driver pick me up there. Score!


Ride 2: The second time, I requested a specific address and Uber had me walk literally 20 feet to the corner for my pickup. The dotted lines in the pic depict how far Uber asked me to walk. Score again!


One thing I will highlight is that it takes Uber slightly longer to find you a ride (the search for a ride takes longer, I estimate about 30 seconds).


Overall, Uber Express Pool seems like free money. No complaints at all. Some folks have been making fun of Uber Express Pool for being a lot like, well, a bus. But does your bus come on demand?



Happy Riding!



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