How To Save Money On Airport Parking

March 16, 2018

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Airport parking is a pain in the butt! You’ve got a bunch of hella bad choices, bad reviews, high prices, and tons of traffic. You’ve considered alternatives but Uber doesn’t have car seats, Aunt Sally doesn’t want to drive you, and the thought of taking public transit with your 3 kids is life shortening.

There’s 2 kinds of airport parking:


1. Daily or Long Term Parking At the Airport: this parking is in a parking lot owned or leased by the airport on the airport’s property. Depending on the size of the airport, you may still have to take a shuttle bus to your terminal.


2. Off-Site Parking with companies like The Parking Spot or WallyPark (or about a million other options). These lots are usually within 1-2 miles of the airport. They store your car and bring you to and from the airport terminal in a shuttle. These shuttles usually run constantly. We personally prefer off-site Parking because it’s usually just as fast, much cheaper, and boasts better customer service


How to Get a Deal and Save Some Dough on Airport Parking


The worst part of airport parking is the PRICE. The prices are dynamic, especially over peak times like holidays. And to add insult to injury, local governments use airport parking like a personal tax piggybank, assuming travelers have deep pockets and won’t notice. Reservations can double in price just because of taxes and fees!


We’ve got two ways to make sure you get the best deal and have the best customer experience with airport parking every time. We’ve used them both and had great experiences both times. But we learned a few things along the way! The Best Place to Book Parking (And We’re Not Just Saying That – We Use Them and Love Them!)

Airport Parking Reservations offers:

  • A beautiful website

  • Easy search functionality (sort by ratings, locations, price, etc)

  • Almost always cheaper than booking on the parking company website

  • Easy-to-use coupon codes and Ebates offer

  • The ability to book parking at basically every off-site lot at just about every airport

 We did a price comparison between Airport Parking Reservations and a parking company website for the same lot:


Here’s the pricing on the parking company website (apparently made and not updated since 1999) features the price you’d get if you reserved with them directly or just drove up to park at Corporate Airport Parking near Newark Airport in New Jersey.

12.25 per day for 2 days

+ $4.00 Service Fee

+ 15% Parking Tax

Total = $32.77


We compared this same lot on Airport Parking Reservations:


$24.40, including all taxes and fees! At the same lot!

Plus 10% Cashback with Ebates = $21.96 total (after you get $2.56 back from eBates)


That’s a savings of $10.81 with very minimal extra effort!


Where’d we get that $5 off coupon code? From the popup that comes up when you get to the AirportParkingReservations page:


 A Little About Ebates

Look how much Ebates users have saved with AirportParkingReservations! $14,933 total!


That’s a lot of parking. If you’ve never used Ebates, it’s awesome and for much more than Airport Parking Reservations. You can get cashback from just about everywhere you shop online including Amazon, Walmart, and most major retailers (and lots of small ones too). You get the cashback through one of two ways: navigating to the shopping site via the Ebates Portal or simply connecting the Ebates Chrome browser extension to your web browser. The cashback comes in the form of a “Big Fat Check” that gets mailed to you quarterly if you meet a certain threshold. It’s totally legit, totally safe, and we’ve enjoyed a few of our own Big Fat Checks.



Get A Great Deal on Airport Parking with Groupon

Groupon is an excellent way to find cheap airport parking with some caveats. Here’s a listing of some Groupons being offered for parking at Newark Airport:

We a Groupon to park at Econopark Express @ Newark Airport and it was completely seamless. We never had to wait for a shuttle to or from the airport and on the way out, the cashier scanned the Groupon app on my phone, charged us about $3.00 tax, and we were off!


To use a Groupon for airport parking, you’ll buy the Groupon and then usually make a reservation following a set of instructions found on the Groupon voucher. There may be no need to make a reservation, but be sure to check.


Always be sure to check the reviews of the parking lots and companies on a trusted third party website (Groupon also has their own reviews, but verify verify verify!)


Sometimes the Groupon price is awesome, but sometimes it isn’t better than you’d get if you booked through the parking company directly or if you used Airport Parking Reservations.


Read the fine print and watch for: blackout dates and restrictions. A Groupon may have restrictions limiting you to booking for 3, 7, or 10 days, which is annoying if your trip is in between or longer or shorter than that. Also you may owe taxes and fees on top of the Groupon when you leave the lot. Here’s the fine print from our Groupon – you can see that they black out the dates around major holidays and mention that you’ll be charged tax.


Here was all the fine print on our Groupon: 

Getting an Even Better Groupon Deal


Groupon runs 20% off coupons nearly every other day, so watch for those coupon codes (they usually are on the top of the page, things like SAVE20). Also if you have a student email address, you can get 25% off every Groupon every day: And finally, use Ebates for Groupon too for an additional 6-9% cashback depending on the day.




Additional Tips for Airport Parking: 

  • If you’re traveling in winter, make sure you have an ice scraper.

  • Don’t lose your ticket! That’s the record of when you entered the lot and you could be charged penalties if you don’t have it when you return.

  • Do not leave valuables in your car. The parking lot is often not responsible for them.

  • If your car won’t start, ask the parking lot office. They will usually jump it for free.


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