An Honest Review of Home Chef After 9 Boxes and 27 Dinners

March 24, 2018

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What is Home Chef?

Home Chef is a meal box subscription service that delivers pre-portioned ingredients and recipes to your home in a refrigerated box. It is similar to HelloFresh, Blue Apron, Plated, and Sun Basket.



How Does It Work?

Once you sign up for Home Chef, you’ll be prompted to select your meals for the upcoming week or weeks. You get 10 meal choices per week so get prepared to salivate while you make your choices and wait eagerly for your box to arrive. You can cancel with ease or skip weeks if you are going on vacation or simply don’t want a box.


Our Experience with Home Chef

We have received 9 meal boxes (27 meals total) from Home Chef. This makes us a little different from folks who might have written a review after getting one Home Chef box – we’ve been doing this for awhile!


We’ve written below about some of the different features of Home Chef so that you can make a decision about whether you want to order a box. Your first box is steeply discounted ($30 Off) thanks to Home Chef’s new customer promo (link at the bottom of the article).


Home Chef Packaging

Home Chef has some of our favorite packaging. Each meal is sorted into its own little re-usable zip lock bag which is clearly labeled with what recipe it is. Almost every part of the Home Chef packaging is recyclable, even the cushioning in the box (although our recycling plant rejected it saying they don’t accept that material). We gave it to our dog who turned it into a cozy bed. But we appreciated the effort from HomeChef!

Home Chef Delivery

Every single Home Chef delivery has been easy to schedule and on-time with the exception of one that was delayed by one-day due to a snow storm. All of the ingredients were still cold and Home Chef proactively let us know by email. If you don’t want to receive a Home Chef box, be sure to cancel by the cutoff day to prevent being charged and having the box get shipped to you!


Home Chef Website

Home Chef has a very easy-to-use website. It’s super easy to schedule boxes and skip weeks. It’s also easy to understand what day your box is coming as well as their other policies. Here's our calendar to show that we have no trouble skipping weeks. Green means that the box is on its way and orange means it is being prepared. A red X means that we are skipping that week. You can even change your delivery day (it does not have to be Friday).

Home Chef Customer Service

I had to contact Home Chef one time because we had a family emergency and wouldn’t be home to get our box. It was too late for them to recall it but they refunded it as a one-time courtesy, which was super nice of them.


Home Chef Price

One of the best things about Home Chef is that you can adjust the number of meals in your order up and down, which helps if you want to have a week with just 2 meals from a box or 4 or even 6. Other meal box services lock you into a set number of dinners. Home Chef is $9.95 per serving, or $19.90 per meal. You’ll probably choose get at least 3 meals in a box so you can get free shipping (orders over $45) so that’ll be $59.70 (or more) per box. I wouldn’t personally get more than 3 meals in a box because fresh food is perishable and it takes the refrigerated box about 5 days to arrive (depending on where you live in the country), plus 3 nights sitting in your fridge, and those basil leaves will start to look a little tired…


Will Home Chef really deliver to me? I live in the middle of nowhere.

Yes, probably. We live in a pretty rural area and they ship to us and it arrives on time! They say that they deliver to 98% of the United States. 


Home Chef Unique Features Worth Highlighting

  • Variety + Choices (you get to choose from 10 recipes! They’re the only box with this much choice)

  • Pre-portioned ingredients that are fresh and delicious

  • Recyclable – the most recyclable!

  • Good options for vegetarians


But How Does Home Chef Taste?

Good! Most Home Chef meals are really delicious. Our two favorite recipes out of the 27 were:


The portions are hefty, usually enough for one of us to have leftovers the next day for lunch. There have certainly been times where we are a little unimpressed with the recipes, but hey, that applies to every company and every recipe.


Home Chef Cooking Process

Home Chef is one of the speediest meal boxes. Each meal is designed to take 30 minutes or fewer, which is great for our busy lives. Also there is no excessive chopping (*cough* Blue Apron *cough*) that takes forever and the organization (putting each recipes’ ingredients into its own bag) helps keep things moving.


 Pros of Home Chef

  • More choice (10 recipes offered) with consistent pricing

  • Great for vegetarians

  • Faster – 30 minutes or less! + recipes are easier

  • Great tasting meals

  • Nice website that is easy to use

  • Great, organized packaging + highly recyclable

Cons of Home Chef

  • Sometimes the meals seem less healthy than some of the other meal box services (lots of meat options, lots of sauces, lots of frying) but you can choose the healthier meals if you want.

  • Overall, we save fewer Home Chef recipe cards to make by ourselves later. Their recipes are good but rarely mind blowing.


Bottom Line About Home Chef

Home Chef should be a meal box that you try. It has some differences from HelloFresh and Blue Apron (and others) that you might like including more choice, less time required, and a lower price point.


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