How We Eat Dinner For Free Every Night (You Can Too)

May 5, 2018


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In 2017, we started trying the meal box subscriptions: HelloFresh, Blue Apron, Plated, Green Chef – we tried them all! We never paid full price because they all have initial promotional discounts. And once we were done, they were beckoning us back to try again, with the same promotion, so we gladly “tried” them all again.


We wrote about our experience trying all of the subscription boxes.


 This blog is the key to our 6 months of free dinners.


Before we published this blog, our blog didn’t generate much affiliate income or referral credits. The traffic was low and the income was in the single digits every month (<$10/mo). It was purely a hobby blog and I wasn’t spending a lot of time thinking about putting ads or links on the site to generate income.


Then we published the blog article above. Immediately, the affiliate income and referral credits soared. Some of the links on the blog are affiliate links and we make money (not credit) when folks click the links and buy from various vendors. Other links on the blog are referral credit links. I use these in cases where I can’t find an affiliate link or where the referral link pays more (in the form of credit) that I really value and will use.


 A few weeks after posting the initial blog post, I checked our HelloFresh and Home Chef accounts was shocked to see that we had over $300 of referral credit in each of them. That’s worth over 6 boxes, which is 18 dinners. I immediately scheduled some boxes to try to spend down the referral credit.


But it just kept rolling in. Nowadays, we earn between $20 - $100 in referral credit every week, which is more than enough to order 1-2 completely free HelloFresh or Home Chef boxes. They arrive like clockwork. Here's a picture of some of the recipes we've gotten:


So far we have earned:


$630 Home Chef Credit


$1480 HelloFresh Credit


$1286 Other Affiliate Income From The Other Meal Plan Companies. We use this income to pay for dinner on nights when we don’t have a Home Chef or HelloFresh meal box.


Blogging For Free Dinners

Blogging is a great way to generate some side income. Some folks even do it full time and make millions. We’re happy just eating for free. And one awesome benefit of these meal subscription boxes is that they save us trips to the grocery store, provide variety, and are fun to cook. We’ve actually learned to love cooking as a result of the boxes. So far, we’ve gotten around 50 free boxes, which is 150 nights and 300 dinners (because each night has 2 servings).


How You Can Do It 

If you’d like to give our free dinner strategy a try, we suggest starting with trying the meal boxes yourself. Take pictures, make an unboxing video, think about how you want to share it with your friends and entice them to order a box. If you post your review or recommendation on a blog or other site like Pinterest or Youtube, you may entice complete strangers to use your links. This can really propel your referral credit balances upward.


Get $35 Off Your First Home Chef Box Here

Get $60 Off Your First 3 Boxes of Blue Apron Here

Get $70 Off Your First 3 Sun Basket Boxes Here

Get $80 Off Your Green Chef Box Plus Free Shipping! Here

Get $40 Off Your First HelloFresh Box Here - Our Favorite Box!

Get $10 Off Your First Three Marley Spoon Orders ($30 Total) Here

Get $10 Off Your First Snack Box from UrthBox Here

Get Your First Graze Box Free Here


Good luck and happy cooking!

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