TRAVEL HACK: To Get a Better Deal On Flights, Search In Multiple Currencies

March 4, 2017

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Currencies are always changing.

Some currencies are strong, others are weak, while others are changing rapidly relative to the dollar. Global businesses must constantly update their prices to accommodate all currencies and their morphing values.


If you take a few extra steps to search for flights in multiple currencies, you can discover differences that can save you money! Sometimes the savings can be unbelievably huge. The discrepancies leave us wondering whether the airlines are lazy about updating their currency converters or just don’t care.


One airline is especially notorious for having vast differences in prices (20%+) between currencies. With others, you can generally expect a meager savings of 2-10% but hey! Money is money! And for a few minutes of extra effort, you can save more of it.


Does it work on all routes?



Which countries will this work for?

If a country’s currency is pegged to the dollar, it probably won’t be a good candidate for currency hacking. All others are fair game!


Airlines This Tends To Work Best On:

  • Norwegian Airlines (buy in Euros or Norwegian Kroner – NOK)

  • LAN Airlines (buy in Chilean Pesos)

  • TAM Airlines (buy in Brazilian Reais)

Here’s the steps to see if you can get a better deal on your flight by searching in a different currency:

  1. Open a search window on Google Chrome

  2. Search for a flight on an airline travel website such as SkyScanner

  3. Identify your flight of interest

For this example, we’ve chosen a Norwegian flight from JFK to Oslo in May Because Norway is Awesome:

4. Open a new Incognito Window on Google Chrome

5. Go to your airline’s website. See if it prompts you to choose your country of origin. If it does, choose the US. If it doesn’t, check to make sure the URL says, for example,


6. Search for your flight and identify the price in US Dollars. Keep this window open.


We found our flight on Norwegian’s website for the same price in $USD.


7. Open another Incognito Window on Google Chrome

8. Navigate back to the Airline’s website and this time, choose the country where the airline is based. For example, choose “Norway” for Norwegian Airlines.


9. Search for your flight again.


We found our same flight here in NOK:

10. Take the resulting price and plug it into Google’s Currency Converter or just type, for example: “4198 NOK to USD” into Google.

11. Compare and choose the better option!


What do you prefer? $680 or $498?


10 minutes of extra work for $182 in savings or 26% off the original price.


Happy Travels!


Does this work on other forms of travel?

Currency discrepancies are ubiquitous in any market. We’ve definitely found that the biggest savings can be found on flights but there are certainly instances of other savings on other purchases:


Tricia Meyer the owner of Sunshine Rewards recently booked a Disneyland trip in Pounds and saved about $700 by booking through the European site instead of the American site.


Floyd R was able to get a Mercedes E350 for $212 a week in Florida with Sixt using their German website. The same care was over $800 on the American site.


Get The Most From Your Purchase

Use a credit card with no foreign transaction fees + extra point on travel.


When You Get To Your Destination

When you’re on the road, if a vendor ever asks you if you prefer the native currency or your currency, always choose the native currency.




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